What's this

This service makes given grayscale image to the colored image using the method from Let there be Color!: Automatic Colorization of Grayscale Images. If you send a color image, the service once tunred it into grayscale, then colorize again.

Blog article on this app: (ja)


@mecab is the author of the service. While the source code of the original project is opened, I thought it can be more useful if we can easily try the colorization on the browser. It motivate me to pack them in to an web app.

I am not related to the original project directly nor indirectly. For questions, suggestion, or any other comments regarding this web app, please let me know. (Appreciations should go to the original authors..., in the backend, the server just runs their code simply :) )

(Oct. 30, 2016) Original authors have released the colorization web service officially!

Limitations and disclaimer

The upload size is limited to maximum 8MiB. The photos which have higher resolution are shurink to 800px of the long side, since the method takes a long time and much RAM to calculate.

@mecab will not be responsible to any detriment the user suffered as a result of using this service. E.g., leakage of the uploaded photos could be a possible risk, although I swear I will not disclosure them intentionally